COVID-19 Assistance

It is with grateful hearts and much excitement that Global Choices would like to share some really good news with you and your team in this very challenging time.

We have been invited by our Mental Wellness Partner, The Talking Point, to take part in their “PAYING IT FORWARD” support service initiative.  This service will be, with immediate effect, available to all Global Choice’s valued clients, employees and their families to assist with the more effective management of the anxiety and stress being experienced during the LOCKDOWN period.

Our current situation has a huge effect on our economy and adding to the stress on individuals, families, communities.  Parents having to home-school their children, not able to see each other, trying to care for elderly relatives, trapped in abusive relationships, and the financial stress due to the lockdown, possible job losses and the lack of income.

 So, this “PAYING IT FORWARD” initiative means we have access to The Talking Point’s national network of qualified professionals and counsellors through our 24Hour emergency call centre that we are making AVAILALBLE during the LOCKDOWN period between 7am and 9pm, Monday to Saturday, at NO ADDITIONAL COST!  

Every call taken will be handled with the utmost sensitivity and confidentiality and our team of qualified professionals will help identify and resolve and schedule more interventions accordingly.

What type of issues will we be dealing with?

  • Responding to the outbreak and how to handle it.
  • Not being able to earn an income and the fear of being laid off.
  • Fear and worry about your own physical and mental health and those of your loved ones.
  • How parents and caregivers can deal with the COVID-19 calmly and confidently.
  • How unhealthy eating, no exercise or sleeping habits leads to irritability and “acting out.
  • Taking a break from media coverage of COVID-19 and the alternatives.
  • Why you must ask for help if you feel anxious, overwhelmed or concerned.

How can we help you?

  • Call us on 0861 887 887 during the times provided – LOCKDOWN PERIOD ONLY
  • Our case managers will connect each client with a qualified professional.
  • We will engage with empathy, listen, guide, counsel and assist where we can.
  • We engage via calls to a landline, mobile, WhatsApp, videocall, skype, zoom or SMS.
  • Guidance on how to handle the anxiety, stress and the circumstances more effectively.

If we identify more long-term counselling needs, we will immediately refer these to our networks for the appropriate service, offered to the client at preferential rates through one of our channels.

The goal with this “PAYING IT FORWARD” initiative, is to be part of the solution that will help improve and solve the anxiety and stress suffered, help them manage their circumstances and focus on their health and their family.

Our “PAYING IT FORWARD” initiative will be adding value and we aim to help as many clients as we can by answering their concerns and questions with empathy, provide suggestions, alternatives, advice, support and create some perspective, and try and motivate those affected.

We would like to encourage you to distribute the above information to all your clients; personal & commercial, big or small, whoever you think will be in need of any assistance during this time! The client will need to phone the number as provided in the email and not the usual assist number. There will be no cost to the client or to you – our way of showing that we care and Adding Value to Life.

You are most welcome to phone me or Maryke van Schalkwyk on 084 507 4406 for any assistance or questions regarding the program.

We hope to hear from you soon.

Be safe and keep well

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